Monster's Party SKP Beijing Character design for the Monster's Party" event hold in SKP store in Beijing. Art direction: Publicis EtNous. Geneviève Gauckler
Garage Helsinki ... June 2017

Garage Helsinki

Summer 2017
Janine Rewell
Pride in London ... June 2017

Pride in London

Fernando Volken Togni
... June 2017


Ad campaign
Hermes ... June 2017


40 years perfumes
Steven Wilson
Stanley Park Brewing ... June 2017

Stanley Park Brewing

Bier campaign
Tom Haugomat
Hello Sunshine! ... June 2017

Hello Sunshine!

Spencer Wilson
AMI AMI ... June 2017


Festival poster
Agathe Sorlet
Le Mans 2017 ... June 2017

Le Mans 2017

Poster for exhibition
Emmanuel Pierre
Welcome to Janine Rewell! ... May 2017

Welcome to Janine Rewell!

Janine Rewell
Steven Wilson x Karl lagerfeld ... April 2017

Steven Wilson x Karl lagerfeld

Capsule collection Spring 2017
Steven Wilson
XXI ... April 2017


Utopies vivantes
Pierre Mornet
Virgin TV ... April 2017

Virgin TV

Andy Smith
ThE NEW YORKER Cover ... April 2017


Operating Theatre
Malika Favre
Révol PORCELAINE ... 2017


Mads Berg
Brummel Magazine ... April 2017

Brummel Magazine

Thomas Danthony
The Guardian Budget ... April 2017

The Guardian Budget

Nicolas Vinothèque 2017 ... APril 2017

Nicolas Vinothèque 2017

François Avril
Sound Unbound ...

Sound Unbound

Barbican Classical Weekender
Fernando Volken Togni
Google Chromecast ... March 2017

Google Chromecast

Emmanuelle Walker
Les Inrocks ... March 2017

Les Inrocks

Donald Trump, 45th president of the USA.
Thomas Danthony
Montreux Jazz Festival ... March 2017

Montreux Jazz Festival

Poster 2017
Malika Favre
Portland Monthly cover ... March 2017

Portland Monthly cover

Emmanuelle Walker
Le Bon Marché ... MARCH 2017

Le Bon Marché

Spring/Summer 2017 Men Catalog - BETC Agency.
Globe and Mail ... March 2017

Globe and Mail

Emmanuelle Walker
 Collaboration with Kiehl’s ... MARCH 2017

Collaboration with Kiehl’s

Steven Wilson
Hermès Dubaï ... January 2017

Hermès Dubaï

New artist window display project for the opening of a new Hermès store in Dubai (Mall of the Emirates).
Zim & Zou
Les 3 éléphants ... january 2015

Les 3 éléphants

Poster for the 2017 edition of Les 3éléphants Festival
Thomas Danthony
Bare Minerals ... December 2016

Bare Minerals

Christmas packaging.
Babeth Lafon
Usbek & Rica ... january 2017

Usbek & Rica

Cover about the migrants tragedy.
Thomas Danthony
Welcome to Agathe Sorlet ... DEC 2016

Welcome to Agathe Sorlet

Agathe Sorlet
Hors Série GQ Life cover ... DEC 2016

Hors Série GQ Life cover

Thomas Danthony
Max Havelaar CAMPAIGN ... DEC 2016

Max Havelaar CAMPAIGN

DDB Nouveau Monde Agency
Timothy Durand
New work ! ... DEC 2016

New work !

Geneviève Gauckler
L’Occitane ... DEC 2016


Christmas gift box
Iris de Moüy
the Robinson supplement in La Republica ... DEC 2016

the Robinson supplement in La Republica

Emmanuelle Walker
The New Yorker ... DEC 2016

The New Yorker

Portrait of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) - Text by Carrie Battan.
Magnus Voll Mathiassen
Daily Telegraph campaign ... NOV 2016

Daily Telegraph campaign

Print, poster and animation. Illustration, art direction and direction for The Daily Telegraph commissioned by Adam & Eve DDB.
Télérama cover ... NOV 2016

Télérama cover

Malika Favre
"Petite Conne" exhibition ... NOV 2016

"Petite Conne" exhibition

OFR - December 1st-31st
Iris de Moüy
Douce France book  ... NOV 2016

Douce France book 

Book cover and inside illustrations.
Thomas Danthony
New series of portraits ... NOV 2016

New series of portraits

Pierre Mornet
NEW PRINT! ... NOV 2016


Spencer Wilson
ELLE Déco UK ... NOV 2016


Babeth Lafon
Le Chocolat des Français  ... NOV 2016

Le Chocolat des Français 

Coffret 3 plaquettes
Iris de Moüy


Andy Smith
... NOV 2016


Wonder Christmas
Malika Favre
AnOther Magazine ... NOV 2016

AnOther Magazine

An illustrated ode to fashion bible AnOther magazine A/W16. A collection of moments from throughout the issue transformed into letterforms.
New linen, velvet and wallpaper ... NOV 2016

New linen, velvet and wallpaper

Klaus Haapaniemi
Read Between the Lines ... NOV 2016

Read Between the Lines

Exhibition of a new series at the Montreuil book fair in Paris on the 3rd December.
Ben Newman
Personal work ... NOV 2016

Personal work

It’s winter!
Tadahiro Uesugi
Munich Weltkunst ... NOV 2016

Munich Weltkunst

Malika Favre
Norwegian D2 Magazine ... NOV 2016

Norwegian D2 Magazine

Fashion illustrations
Magnus Voll Mathiassen
MQ Vienna Wintertime ... NOV 2016

MQ Vienna Wintertime

Malika Favre
Gun ... NOV 2016


A2 Screen Print Edition of 40, Signed and numbered.
Thomas Danthony
Abyss  ... NOV 2016


Installation for Odyssud in Blagnac (France) for a personal exhibition.
Zim & Zou
Professor Astro Cat stickers NOV 2016

Professor Astro Cat stickers

available for your iPhone!
Ben Newman
SPORT & STYLE ... NOV 2016


Malika Favre
Partnership with Artoyz ... NOV 2016

Partnership with Artoyz

Superdeux designed this guy for the @peugeotdesignlab Leo'z Series 3.
New book! BOO! ... OCT 2016

New book! BOO!

Ben Newman
The new yorker ... OCT 2016

The new yorker

The Laureate / Bob Dylan
Malika Favre
Orange ... OCT 2016


Gift pattern - Furoshiki 
Emmanuelle Walker
Crater National Park Poster  ... OCT 2016

Crater National Park Poster 

Thomas Danthony
Target/Archer Farms ... OCT 2016

Target/Archer Farms

Adrian Johnson
In the Mood MAGAZINE ... OCT 2016

In the Mood MAGAZINE

Bongénie Grieder - Switzerland
Pierre Mornet
Polar Byzantine chapters illustrated on five silk scarves ... OCT 2016

Polar Byzantine chapters illustrated on five silk scarves

Klaus Haapaniemi
Vanity Fair Collection cover ... OCT 2016

Vanity Fair Collection cover

Malika Favre
Maison Chaudun ... OCT 2016

Maison Chaudun

Chocolate cards to celebrate the 30 years of the House Chaudun
Emmanuel Pierre
Modern Shapes Exhibition  ... OCT 2016

Modern Shapes Exhibition 

at Tictail Market New York City
Thomas Danthony
The new yorker ... OCT 2016

The new yorker

The Style Issue
Malika Favre
Mister Porter / Prada website ... OCT 2016

Mister Porter / Prada website

Patrick Leger
New portraits series ... OCT 2016

New portraits series

Babeth Lafon
Singapore Airlines ... OCT 2016

Singapore Airlines

Mads Berg
100% Casse Tête ... OCT 2016

100% Casse Tête

Bayard jeunesse
Christie's London ... OCT 2016

Christie's London

"How to buy" &  "How to sell" films
Emmanuelle Walker
The New Yorker ... OCT 2016

The New Yorker

Rachel Weisz
Pierre Mornet
More moaning ... OCT 2016

More moaning

Andy Smith


Packaging designs for the Target's new archer-farms coffee.
Tom Haugomat
Le Bon Marché ... SEPT 2016

Le Bon Marché

Fall/Winter 2016 Men Catalog - BETC Agency
Modus cover ... SEPT 2016

Modus cover

Malika Favre
Dots & Co game ... SEPT 2016

Dots & Co game

The app is available on android and iOS.
Tom Haugomat
Elle Déco UK ... SEPT 2016

Elle Déco UK

Babeth Lafon
Shop magazine cover (Rome) ... SEPT 2016

Shop magazine cover (Rome)

Fernando Volken Togni
New book : "Dogs in cars"  ... SEPT 2016

New book : "Dogs in cars" 

On september 1st !
Emmanuelle Walker
Sport & Style ... SEPT 2016

Sport & Style

Malika Favre
"Joli Paris" book cover ... SEPT 2016

"Joli Paris" book cover

Available in september
Dominique Corbasson